Ends on April 24, 2017

The Affiliated Society or CAA PIPS Committee Session Submission (Complete Session or Session Soliciting Contributors) option that you have selected allows submission of a complete panel session (90 minutes) formed, vetted, and submitted by an Affiliated Society or CAA PIPS Committee. Each Affiliated Society or PIPS Committee may submit either one Complete Session proposal (90 minutes in length) pre-formed with participants and papers/projects chosen in advance or one Session Soliciting Contributors proposal (90 minutes in length) to be included in the CFP which opens June 30, 2017.

These sessions must be approved by the chair/president/head of the Affiliated Society or the CAA PIPS Committee and must be accompanied by a letter of approval. This one (1) session will be guaranteed and will be identified as an Affiliated Society or Committee session in all CAA conference publications.

Subsequent proposals by Affiliated Society or Committee members may be submitted separately by individuals, but are subject to peer review by the Annual Conference Committee and must be submitted via the Complete Session, Session Soliciting Contributors, or Individual Paper/Project submissions forms. These subsequent submissions are not guaranteed and, if selected, will not be labeled or identified as Affiliated Society or Committee sessions in CAA conference publications.


  • Complete Session: proposals for full sessions (90 minutes) pre-formed with participants and papers/projects chosen in advance by session chair(s). This session requires advance planning and information gathering by the chair(s).
  • Session Soliciting Contributors: proposals for full sessions (90 minutes) with yet-to-be identified speakers and papers/projects. If selected, such sessions will be included in the Call for Participation (CFP) opening June 30, 2017.
  • Individual Paper/Project: proposals for single papers/projects (approx. 15 minutes in length). The Annual Conference Committee will coordinate special Composed Sessions comprised of selected papers/projects.


  • Submissions may be started and worked during multiple visits to the Submittable website by clicking on the "Save Draft" button at the bottom of this page. Only click the "Submit" button once your submission is complete and ready for review by the Annual Conference Committee. After clicking "Submit" you will no longer have access to this submission.
  • The accuracy of information in this form (e.g. spelling of names, affiliations, titles) is important as it will be pulled directly from this database for conference publications such as Abstracts 2018 and the conference website.
  • The submissions portal for Affiliated Society or CAA PIPS Committee Sessions will close Monday, April 24, 2017.
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